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Best Jogging Strollers for New Runners

best jogging strollers for new runners
best jogging strollers for new runners
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If you’re a new runner looking for the best jogging stroller, you’ve come to the right place.

Four children and numerous strollers later, I’m going to tell you that running (joggers) strollers are not all made the same. When it comes to jogging strollers, they are among the few things in life in which you typically get what you pay for….

And in my mind, there is one jogging stroller brand that has consistently proved itself again and again over the years.

Keep reading to learn which stroller is what I consider to be the all time best jogging stroller for new runners.

Jogging Stroller Research is Important

It’s important to do your homework on finding the right jogging stroller for your running goals, training objectives, and geography (i.e. where you plan to run with the jogger).

However, don’t take too long researching.

Read reviews. Read blogs, like this one on Kids Trail Running. And then DECIDE on a jogging stroller that seems like it will meet your needs and works your budget.

Why do I say DECIDE on a Jogging Stroller?

Because I know well how far too easy it is to become paralyzed with indecision or uncertainty over making big kid-related purchases.

Waiting on this decision is potentially problematic because everyday that goes by without making the buying decision means that you’re putting off running–at least with your baby in tow.

And running is one of the best things you can do in life for health and happiness.

And running with your kid(s)… well, that is the icing on the cake. If you need more reasons to start running, read these 7 reasons.

To help you decide on the right jogging stroller, keep reading.

What New Runners Should Look For in a Jogging Stroller

When it comes to figuring out what jogging stroller to buy, there are several important questions to consider.

For What Purpose Do You Plan to Use the Jogging Stroller? Are you using the jogging stroller for actual, legit running — like training for races? Will you only be using it for running or will it also serve as a multi-purpose stroller, like going to the mall (will it need to navigate narrow door way entrances and tight spaces)? These answers are important because they can impact the decision on what stroller is right for your circumstances.

WHAT TO LOOK FOR: Fixed Wheel vs. Swivel. Take note that swivel wheels are handy for flexible maneuvering, say at the shopping mall, but they are not for serious running. Actually, a wheel that isn’t fixed could be dangerous. Imagine running down a hill with a front swiveling wheel. YIKES. At the very least, you need to ensure that a swivel wheel has a very reliable locking mechanism to make it (and keep it) fixed.

How Often Do You Plan to Use the Jogging Stroller? Do you plan to use the stroller on a daily basis? Once a week? How often is the stroller going to get used. This will play a role in deciding on how rugged or durable a stroller and its components need to be.

What Type of Terrain or Surface Will You Most Likely Take the Jogging Stroller On During Runs? Country dirt roads? Gravel paths? Paved suburban housing developments? Packed trails? Will you use the stroller on mostly flat routes or will you be taking it on uneven, bumpy, hilly or rough terrain? The ground surface you plan to play on makes a big difference in stroller choice, including wheels, suspension, handling, and child comfort.

Single or Double? If you have more than one child, are you considering a single or a double jogging stroller?

How Much Space Do You Have? Don’t forget to consider the size of your car, house, apartment, or storage space. Some jogging strollers fold up into neat little bundled packages, but others not so much.

I once ditched an otherwise awesome double stroller because it was so bulky. It took me far too long to get it in and out of my vehicle. And I was always a hot mess trying to hold that bulky, folded thing up while I wrangled with it.

What Child Comfort and Safety Features are Important to You? Do you want a jogging stroller that allows you to adjust or recline your child? How much seat room do you want? Do you want a sippy cup holder? Does the stroller have a brake? What about a leash or tether strap so the jogging stroller can’t get away from you? Even treadmills have emergency tether straps to keep you safe, so if you’re planning to run any downhills, you’ll want a tether to keep your baby safe–and you.

What Is Your Ideal Height for Handlebar Comfort? This is probably a tough question, unless you’ve run before with a jogging stroller. How high do you want the handlebar? Does it adjust? What height runner is the stroller best designed for — i.e. if you’re on the tall size, you might not want a low handlebar. Will you be sharing the stroller with someone else (like your spouse or the nanny who are different heights), if so adjustable handlebar height may be important?

BABY AGE SAFETY: Ask your pediatrician at what age you may begin jogging with your baby. Some pediatricians advise waiting until six months or until a child can sit up independently.

Popular Jogging Stroller Options

Joovy Joovy 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller. This jogging stroller is lightweight and comes in a different color options. It features a swivel wheel that can be fixed straight, so you can take it shopping or for a workout. It comes with a parent organizer, a running leash (tether), and a tire pump.

BOB Blaze. The BOB Blaze allows the use of an infant car seat, such as a Britax infant seat. The stroller has water bottle holders and zippered pockets, an adjustable, padded handlebar, and a hand brake for control when jogging on hills.

BOB Revolution Flex. Perfect for runners looking for a stroller with mountain bike-like suspension. This stroller is suitable all the way up to 75 pounds, too. It comes in different colors, features recline options, adjustable handlebar with leash, UPF 50 canopy, and gear stash pockets.

Burley Encore. The Burley is more than a basic stroller. It is multi-sport and converts to a jogging stroller, bike trailer, and a nordic ski shuttle with appropriate conversion kits. Available in single or double models. I used a Burley for years with my kids. Toward the end of its life it took on new colors, after it participated in a color run. 😉

Baby Trend Navigator. For runners seeking a double stroller that won’t break the bank, the Baby Trend Navigator is a popular jogging stroller option. It comes in several colors, features a locking front swivel wheel option, sturdy construction, canopy, and parent tray.

And the Best Jogging Stroller for New Runners Brand Is…(drumroll)

Without a doubt in my mind, based on my own running and stroller experiences with kids, my own extensive research, and opinions of other runners and friends, BOB makes the best jogging strollers for runners.

I loved my BOB Jogging Stroller. It was easy to maneuver. Easy to fold. Comfortable for my kids. They never wanted to get out of it!

I even took my BOB on the Camino de Santiago.

It was the ONE stroller I was sad to say goodbye to when my children had outgrown it.

Get Running

It won’t take many runs before you know how you feel about your jogging stroller. Hopefully, you’ll love running with your child and the stroller right off the starting block–and you’ll have stroller love for many runs to come!

Happy Running!

Leave a comment below. I would love to hear what you think about jogging strollers and running with kids.

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