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Here’s The Sign You Need to Become a Runner

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It’s time to stop wishing you were a runner. It’s time to stop wishing you were fit.

Because this is your sign.

If you’re tired of scrolling through Instagram or social media and seeing fit people, fit moms, fit dads, fit 30, 40 & 50-somethings, and wishing that you could be one of them, then keep reading.

You Want to Be a Runner.

Today you’re going to become a runner. This is how you’re going to do it.

1. Write Down Your Intention.

Yep, it might sound cheesy, but you’re going to write down your intention. Do it now. Think of this as a practice writing exercise. Soon enough, if you stick with this intention, you’ll get your chance to set it in ink in the form of an awesome running tattoo, if you wish.

Research suggests that if you write down your goals, you’re more likely to achieve them.

2. Lace ’em Up.

You don’t have to start big today. Today, you’re just going to get out the door. You don’t have to lay down 5 or 10 miles. You don’t even have to jog a mile. All you have to do is get out the door.

get out the door to start running become a runner
It doesn’t matter how fast you run or how far you go. What matters is that you got out the door.

You don’t need to get all fancy or dressed up to get out the door. You don’t need the latest trail running shoes or a top of the line hydration vest. You don’t need a cute headband. You don’t need a matching shirt. You don’t need a phone belt, even if they are super convenient. Just slip on some jogging shoes, some comfy joggers, pants, or shorts, and go!

Don’t think you have to run the whole time. You don’t even have to jog the whole time. Believe it or not, even accomplished trail and ultra runners sometimes walk hills during races. Many runners use a run-walk approach to building mileage, trail and hill running strength, and overall stamina. So, there’s no shame in walking.

The goal is just to get out there and move your body. If you have children, bring them along. Make it fun. Let’s all go for a walk. And then integrate some jogging and pickup games along the way, like who can get to that mailbox first.

If getting outside is fun, you’re going to stick with the intention your wrote down.

3. Download an App for Accountability

Lots of runners use the Strava App. Download it.

Keep track of your time moving. Keep track of your distance. Don’t worry about your pace per mile or kilometer.

The important thing is to have a session of movement logged. To show yourself, “I am doing this!”

4. Find a Run-Walk Plan.

Find a run-walk plan. You don’t have to do this before you get out the door today. Save this step for later. Just get out the door today!

When you get back, look for a run-walk plan. A plan that will take you from walking to running, and allows you to build your endurance, strength, mileage, and speed in time though a combination of walking and running. There are lots of plans to choose from, including plans that can build you up and take you from the couch to ultramarathon racing.

I am a Runner

Achieving the I am a runner claim to fame is a title you get to set for yourself. You can say you are a runner at any time. You don’t have to finish a race. You don’t have to run a mile under a certain time mark.

You are a runner when you say you are a runner.

So, go out there today. Take this blog post as your sign. The one you’ve been waiting for to transform your life. To transform yourself into the person you’ve wanted to become.

Today is the day to stop scrolling those social media posts and wishing. It’s the day to start posting your own beautiful, awesome photos, showing off your own foray into running. Showing off your own story. Showing off your own captions and quotes of personal running success.

Follow @kidstrailrunning on Instagram and we’ll follow you back, and cheer you on during your becoming a runner journey.

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