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Crewing Vermont 100 with Kids

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Another fabulous year of crewing Vermont 100 with kids in tow +1 (my teen’s BF)….

Though the race was really tough this year for my husband because he had to deal with an IT issue from the get-go, he managed to shave off a little bit of time from the previous year.

My teen and her boyfriend took a turn pacing him starting at Camp Ten Bear until mile 95 at Polly’s–he was in such rough shape that they basically walked the miles with him, but they were an important source of support for him during those late night hours.

While waiting for my husband at Ten Bear, the kids got to help set out glow sticks. It’s so cool seeing glow sticks and string lights at this aid station during the night. Plus, the late night vibe is so festive.

The kids helped set out glowsticks to mark the entry into Camp 10 Bear Aid Station.

After my daughter finished her leg pacing, I sent her back out to pace again after her boyfriend’s leg, even though she had already changed out of her running clothes into her street clothes–and into flat bottomed Adidas shoes.

My teen and her boyfriend along with my husband at the Spirit of ’76 aid station.

Seeing how beat up my husband was once he reached Bill’s Aid Station, I knew I’d feel better if she accompanied him a few more miles. I think she was secretly thrilled to be wearing her favorite Adidas shoes “during” the Vermont 100.  Not quite your typical trail running shoes, but they helped to get the job done.

The kids made rock art to direct and entertain runners along the course.

In contrast to my husband’s experience, crewing with the kids was a lot of pain-free fun and I’m glad it lasted for many, many, many hours. Crewing is such a good bonding experience!

Plus, we had the chance to see some of our good friends run, cheer for them and support them, and watch them cross the finish line, too. And of course, be there at the finish line for my husband!

Crewing Vermont 100 is an awesome experience. Actually, crewing any ultra is super fun. 

Share your thoughts about crewing ultramarathons below.

crewing ultramarathons ultras with children

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