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Many Miles in 2017

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Happy New Year!  I’m psyched that 2017 is here. Are you?

I’m looking forward to stepping up my game, logging lots of miles this year, and spending super high quality time with the kids on the trails.

Looking at the year ahead, here’s what’s brewing…

My family is anxiously awaiting the January 12th (1o am Paris time) UTMB lottery draw results. We’re hoping we will get to go to Chamonix again to cheer on the Mr. at the UTMB.  We love Haute Savoie and it’s our top favorite pick for trail adventure.  Mr. is also hoping he’ll get into the Vermont 100 come registration time.  We are dreaming up some backup plans and races, just in case.

I’m steadily ramping up my training in hopes of completing my first ultra this spring.  I keep repeating to myself, “Running may not get easier, but you’ll get stronger.”  Whoever said that quote sure better be right.

The kids and I are still running strong together.  Running with them always makes a run entertaining.  Three of the kids have their eyes on some big races this year.  Only time and training will tell what will actually unfold.

The kids are also loving WINTER running and having a blast mixing up their running, competitive swimming, and Nordic skiing throughout the week.  Thankfully, all four kids are involved in the same sports, otherwise I don’t know how practices, meets, races, or events would all work out in a coordinated or timely fashion.

I’m trying to shift my family to Whole 30/Paleo.  I’m already gluten free, generally eat pretty healthy.clean, and don’t drink coffee (I did enjoy lattes until I got really sick after trail running in Iceland this past fall, and know the coffee-I’m going to barf if I ever taste coffee again association seems to have stuck), so the transition isn’t all that painful.  However, I do have a sweet tooth at times and already after a few days, I’m dying for chocolate ice cream and GF banana bread.

Things I’ve already discovered in 2017:

        • Winter running is awesome!  Running with spikes.  Running with snowshoes.  It’s all good.
      • Running the same monster, never ending hill 2 days in a row is probably not the smartest decision.  Shakira is right:  The hips don’t lie.  I’ve got to get back to a regular yoga practice pronto.

        The 9 year old gets her zen on mid-run.

    • I’ve discovered some super cool runners on Instagram, have picked up some great followers, and have had some fun conversations.  Social media can be pretty awesome at times. You can follow me on Instagram @kidstrailrunning.  I’ll follow you back.
    • Never put your brand new Inknburn tights or light colored sports bra in the washer/dryer with the holiday green linen.  Someone in my house had such good intentions by doing laundry to make my day while I was out running an errand.  Let’s just say that the tights and bra have a lovely, muted green tint now. At least I can say my Inknburn tights are truly limited edition, OOAKs.  And, of course…I have a really thoughtful family who loves helping me out.
  • My good friend, VTRunnermom, told me about the Charity Miles app that allows you choose a charity that’s close to your heart and earn $ for that charity with every mile you log. The money is donated directly to the charity through Charity Miles thanks to generous corporate sponsors.  While I have put the app on my phone, I haven’t yet used it because I’d first like to know where my GPS running route data is being shared, if it is at all.  I’ve got to do some sleuthing, including looking through the Charity Miles privacy policy.  Seems like a fabulous concept, however, and one I will probably use for motivation.  Thanks for sharing, Krista.
      • Water.  I need to drink more.  I’ve been saying this for years.  I am trying to make it happen in 2017.  I’m off to a pretty decent start.  The more mileage I run, the more it becomes apparent that my body is begging for proper hydration. I just have to listen better.  Please tell me your water/hydration secrets!  I need all the help I can get.
    • Food.  Whole 30. Paleo.  Why does it seem so complicated?  I’d be happy with a menu of hard boiled eggs, veggies, banana bread, and chocolate ice cream if it could get me to the ultra finish line.  I’m trying to eliminate the short-order cook thing in my household in 2017, and the Paleo isn’t going over so well in a vegetarian and little-to-no meat preferred household.
  • Running with your kids in 2017 is still a super way to spend high quality time together.  It’s a priceless opportunity, actually–and one that I don’t want to pass up.   I hope you won’t either.  Kids make fabulous running buddies and can inspire you to get your game on.

Happy Running in 2017.  Wishing you many happy and safe miles/kilometers wherever they may take you!



When you have a chance, please drop a comment or find me on IG (@kidstrailrunning) and tell me where your 2017 is taking you.  And, of course, keep me in the loop of your happenings, races, and events over the year.


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