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Road ID Wrist Bands Not Just for Roads: 10 Reasons I love Road ID for Trail Running and Traveling with Kids

I’m a big fan of Road ID Wrist Bands for grownups and kids.  I do a lot of traveling with my kids, and we spend a lot of time outside having fun–like running trails.

A few years ago, I bought my ultrarunner husband a RoadID Wrist Band to wear while he was away from home and running alone in a city. As soon as it arrived, I fell in love with the RoadID product.  I’m a sucker for fabulous packaging and seeing the adorable silver tin that the RoadID Wrist Band Bracelet arrived in made my heart skip a beat!

It wasn’t long before I placed an order for five more RoadID Wrist ID Slim Bands!

I purchased one for each of my children (The Road ID Wrist ID Slim, $19.99) and for myself. I figured they would come in handy during one of my mom-with-kids European travel adventures.  Knowing that my kids have a RoadID with emergency phone numbers gives me peace of mind, should anything happen to me or should they get separated from me on the road–or on the trails, or even while crewing for my husband during his ultraruns.

I also think the RoadID gives my kids some comfort knowing that they have a couple of phone numbers, just in case–taking away worries that they might have to remember a number in a pinch or put on the spot to remember any allergies (their own or siblings’).

To safeguard their privacy a little bit, such as in the event that they were to lose their band somewhere or someone had access to a band’s content, I chose not to imprint my kids’ full names and listed only ‘Mom’ next to my number on the bands.  I also skipped imprinting their date of birth, and only listed any known allergies.

road ID trail running kids

Photo Credit: Road ID

10 Reasons I LOVE Road ID for Trail Running, Traveling, and Adventuring With Kids:

1.  Road ID comes in Wrist Band Bracelet form, and is also available in other wearable forms, such as running shoe IDs, Apple Watch, Garmin and FitBit band IDs.

2.  Customization.  You choose the band color.  You choose what to imprint on the band. You choose any decorative accessories.

3.  Perfect gift!  The Road ID makes a great gift, especially when you get a RoadID tin for it. Road ID is great for athletes, parents, children, and aspiring athletes and fitness fans.

4.  Variety of sizing options, including the Wrist Slim option, which fits kids well.

5.  The company supports running and running races.  RoadID offers complimentary event sponsorship, including race bibs.

6. Road ID products can give kids, parents, babysitters, camp counselors, teachers, family, etc. added piece of mind should the unexpected happen.

7.  Kids love wearing the bracelets.

8.  They look good.  RoadID bracelets and wearables are available in a number of different finishes, band strap options, colors, and can be accessorized to suit your unique style, accomplishment, or personality.

9.  They are reasonably priced given the customization, available options, turnaround time, and lasting nature.

10.  They are perfect for trail running and runners.  They are light and comfortable, and can handle tough running conditions, like sweat, mud, rain, snow, and mixed weather.

A Mom’s Review of Road ID Wrist Bracelet Bands

If it’s not yet apparent, I think Road ID makes a great ID Wrist Band Bracelet Product.  You simply never know when you might need to have emergency contact information handy for yourself, for your children, or for others who have come to assist you or your children.

The Pros:  RoadID gives me added piece of mind when I’m out on the trail with the kids, adventuring away from home, traveling, exploring, or when I send the kids off to summer camp or classes.

My kids love wearing the bands.  They are comfortable and they don’t seem to notice them on after a few minutes of wear.  They even wore them continuously on a 48-State Mom & Kids Roadtrip last year!

You can imprint whatever emergency info you’d like on the bands, and you can choose your own band color–totally a custom Road ID.

The bands are replaceable.  You can purchase decorative band designs to give your child’s Wrist ID Band Bracelet (or yours) a unique look.

The Cons:  At $19.99 each, the Wrist ID Slim Bracelet, which is a good choice for kids because of its size, is a bit pricey if you are buying for several kids.  After a couple of years of lots of wear, my kids’ information faded from the imprinted silver band, and it’s time to buy replacement ones.  If my kids didn’t wear their Wrist IDs nearly non-stop, it’s possible they wouldn’t yet need replacing. 


*Disclaimer: Road ID didn’t pay me to write this post, it’s my own honest review of Road ID. I happen to think highly of the RoadID product, and therefore have chosen to share it with my readers. I think it’s a worthwhile product for parents who are looking for some type of kid-friendly ID band, that works for travel, adventures, everyday use, running, and trail running. I do make a very small commission when my readers click through my affiliate ads to Road ID and make a Road ID purchase. So thank you for shopping through my links.

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