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Kid Runners Review the FuelBelt Helium Sprint Palm Holder

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If you’re looking for a way to motivate your kid to run, sometimes cool gear is all you need, especially if you have a kid who loves gadgets, electronic devices, toys, and ‘cool things.’

The FuelBelt Helium Sprint Palm Holder ($14.95) is one of those ideal pieces of kid-friendly motivational, yet practical, running gear.  FuelBelt touts the Sprint Palm Holder as the ‘lightest handheld in the world.”  When it comes to kid runners or elite runners, the lighter the hydration handheld…the better.

Thanks to FuelBelt, Kids Trail Running had a chance to test out the Helium Sprint Palm Handheld on Vermont’s beautiful Kingdom Trails, a large multi-use trail network in New England.  Real kids, who run trails for fun, fitness, and lifestyle tested out the Sprint.  Keep reading to see what they think about the product and to decide whether the Sprint is something your kid runner (or you) would love to add to your cool running gear collection.  ‘Cause we know if you love to run, you have a collection.

Helium Sprint Palm Holder Features:

  • Holds 10 Ounces of Hydration Fluid
  • BPA-Free Ergonomic Bottle
  • Convenient Handstrap Adjustability
  • Velcro for Handstrap Attachment
  • Silicone P2 Push-Pull Bottle Cap
  • Lightweight
  • One Size Fits All

Kids Trail Running Tests The FuelBelt Helium Sprint® Palm Holder

On a humid afternoon, shortly before a summer thunderstorm rolled in, the kids and I hit the trails for a trail run, along with the FuelBelt Sprint Palm Holder.

Here’s what the kids who tested the Sprint up and down hills, over roots, gravel, dirt-packed, and pine needle covered trails, each had to say about the FuelBelt Helium Sprint Palm Holder:

Kids Trail Running Review Sprint Palm Holder (2)

The 10 Year Old:  “The Sprint is very, very lightweight.  It’s super, duper comfortable on the back of your hand [where the strap goes]. It is perfect for holding and getting your hand around the bottle. It’s much, much faster to get a drink of water compared to a backpack style hydration pack. It’s also easy to open the bottle to refill. I think kids would like the handheld because it’s comfortable and it feels like it doesn’t matter what size your hand is because you can get a good grip anyway.”

Kids Trail Running review Sprint Palm Holder

The 13 Year Old: “The handheld is lightweight and extremely easy to run with. It’s comfortable and the bottle shape feels natural in your hand. It’s not like holding a regular water bottle. I’d use the handheld in a short race, like in a 10K, or if I didn’t use my hydration backpack.  Fuelbelt didn’t overdo the padding. It’s just right. Not too bulky.  Other kids will like this because it’s easy to hold onto while you run and it won’t bug you while you are running.”

Kids Trail Running Review Sprint Palm Holder 4

The 6 Year Old:  “It’s too big for my hand. I thought it might fall off my hand when I was running.  I like my hydration backpack better.”

Kids Trail Running Review FuelBelt Sprint Palm Holder 3_small

The 8 Year Old:  “The Sprint is fun to run with. It’s easy to get water out of it. It’s easy to open the top with your teeth. I think other kids would love to run with it because it’s comfortable. It comes in cool colors, too.”

The Mom:  The FuelBelt Helium Sprint Palm Holder is a good pick for an inexpensive on-the-go hydration option–compared to a hydration pack.  If your child is just getting into running, the Sprint is a cool accessory that may get a kid excited about running.  While my bigger kids generally loved the bottle, I think it’s a bit too bulky for tiny hands, such as for my six year old (even when the adjustable strap is fully cinched to a secure position). If the bottle was a bit more narrow, I think it would be workable and more ergonomic for little hands. For short races, it could be a very good option for kids or grownups. Even though it’s one size fits all, I tend to think that grownups with bigger hands will best appreciate the shape of the Palm Holder bottle.

As a mom, I especially like that the bottle is BPA-free and recyclable. I also like how the strap is comfortable on my hand. It’s nice to see the bottle has ounce measurements along the side, so you can keep track of how much fluid your child (or you) is consuming on a run. It would be nice if the bottle top stayed connected to the bottle during refills, so my kids wouldn’t lose the top or drop it during refills, but that would certainly add weight to the unit.

Overall, I think the Sprint Palm Holder is a cool running accessory to add to any runner’s collection, and it could be a great ‘gadget’ for getting kids hooked on running and hydration.

Kids Trail Running FuelBelt Review Sprint


Disclosure: Kids Trail Running was not compensated for this post, however we did receive a sample for review. This is an honest mom & kid review of the product. All opinions are our own and not influenced in any way.

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