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The Sweet Surprises of Trail Running with Children

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I often tell people that one of my favorite things about spending time in New York City–and I spend a lot of it there with my kids–is that everyday is a different day in the city.  From the time you step out the front door and enter the streets of New York, you never know what you’ll find, who you’ll meet, what you’ll see.  You might see a celebrity walking the streets in SoHO.  You might see someone peeing on a sidewalk.  You might see a taxi cab jump the curb.  Everyday is a new adventure in the city and it’s entertaining, to say the least.

Trail running is very much like that too.  No run is the same, especially with kids in tow. Every run is a new adventure.  Running narrow, wide, windy, steep, rolling, wet, unpredictable, beautiful trails is the epitome of adventure, especially when you’re a six year old.  Or when you’re 13.  Or when you’ve celebrated your birthday too many times to admit.

Sometimes you find sweet surprises along the way, too.

Or sometimes surprises that aren’t so sweet, like ticks.

On one run, my youngest stopped to tie his shoes.  It was then that my oldest happened to notice some tree bark stacked in an odd way against the base of a tree along the trail.  Upon taking a closer look, she discovered that the bark was hiding a geocache.

And it was a very good find.  The kind of discovery that makes you shout #TFTC!


Camouflaged geocache discovery on a trail run with kids.


There were bubbles in the cache.

Bubbles + Trail Running = Very happy kids.

trail bubble

The geocache had bubbles!

What sweet surprises have you discovered along your trail runs?




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